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Game Birds and Ornamental Pheasants

Established more than five years ago, New Beginnings Farm and Kennel in Hanover, Virginia, is the source for traditional game birds such as Bobwhite quail, Chukar partridge, and Ringneck pheasants. We also offer a variety of ornamental pheasants including Red golden, Silver,Lady Amherst, and more. We raise our birds to meet the needs of our clients.


Bobwhite Quail

Lady Amherst Pheasant

Silver Pheasant

Chukar Partridge


Ringneck Pheasant

Red Golden Pheasant

Blue Melanistic Pheasant


In addition to our gamebirds and ornamental pheasants, we also offer with limited availability, India Blue peahens and peacocks.


At New Beginnings Farm and Kennel, we are pleased to offer a variety of other fowl. From assorted ducks and geese, to turkeys. When the season is right, you will find ducklings, goslings,  and chicks galore.

Turkey Chicks

Pekin Ducklings

Khaki Campbell Ducks